The name of Medical Sciences Campus was first heard of in 1966 and its building was constructed in 1972 near the Medical Center. It has the only specialized schools in Puerto Rico such as Pharmacy (1913), Dentistry (1957), Public Health School (1970), School of Health Related Professions (1976) y the School of Nursing (1995). The Campus has three support Deanships: Administration, Students and Academic Affairs. It has over 2,000 full-time employees (623 faculty members and 1,454 non-faculty employees) and approximately 3,000 students. The diversity of services, complexity and forefront coverage in the health area have made the Medical Sciences Campus responsible of superior education in every subject it covers. This positions us as a leader in research, service and clinical aspects and assures our mission of teaching and better the health of the people of Puerto Rico and presents us as forefront professionals in the world.

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  • Revisiting the role of infralimbic cortex in fear extinction with optogenetics 

    Do-Monte, Fabricio H.; Manzano Nieves, Gabriela; Qui�ones Laracuente, Kelvin; Ramos Medina, Liomar (Society of Neuroscience, 2015)
    Previous rodent studies have implicated the infralimbic (IL) subregion of the medial prefrontal cortex in extinction of auditory fear conditioning. However, these studies used pharmacological inactivation or electrical ...