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    • A comparison of fine root density of plants in the Coastal Plateau of the Guánica Dry Forest Reserve 

      Baums-Robles, B.; Cruz Quiñones, C.; Díaz, L.; Govender, Y.; Cuevas, E. (External Scientific Advisory Committe (ESAC), 2009-11)
      Root production is an important process in the dynamic carbon and nutrient cycle of terrestrial ecosystems. Root productivity of plant community can be affected by temperature, rainfall and availability of nutrients. In ...
    • Pollen Reference Collection of Plants of Puerto Rico 

      Viruet-Oquendo, Elson; Bolaños, Benjamín; Santiago-Valentín, Eugenio (External Scientific Advisory Committe (ESAC), 2009-11)
      Pollen is produced by the male cone or flower organ (stamen), and represents the microgametophytic generation in spermatophytes. Pollen morphology has proved to be of significant taxonomicutility in different research ...
    • Water Use Efficiency by Mangroves in The Guánica Dry Forest Reserve 

      Mulero-Oliveras, E.; Govender, Y.; Diaz, L.; Cuevas, E. (External Scientific Advisory Committe (ESAC), 2009-11)
      It is important to understand and study the different adaptations and responses of plants changes in climate, especially, those living in arid environments where high temperatures, low precipitation, soil depth, ...