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    • Effect of exotic grass Megathyrsus maximuson soil mites fauna in Mona Island Reserve 

      Lastra-Díaz, Lourdes B; Meléndez-Ackerman, Elvia J.; Moreno, Lorna M. (External Scientific Advisory Committe (ESAC), 2009-11)
      Biological invasions alter ecosystem processes in invaded areas, there by causing functional as well as compositional change (D’Antonio and Vitousek,1992). In dominated sites, grasses can alter ecosystem processes from ...
    • Effect of exotic grass, Megathyrsus maximus, on native biodiversity in Mona Island Reserve 

      Moreno, Lorna M.; Meléndez-Ackerman, Elvia J.; Cheleuitte, Christopher; Castro, Brenda; Sánchez, Josué; López, Alexandra; Rivera, Nicole; Yunes, Laura; Rodríguez, Ricardo; Lastra, Lourdes; Cristallini, Fabio (External Scientific Advisory Committe (ESAC), 2009-11)
      Species invasions are considered one of the leading causes of global biodiversity loss (Wonham,2005)and are the second cause of species endangerment in the United States(Brooksand Pyke, 2002. The African grass, Megathyrsus ...