The University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón (UPRB) was established in August 1971 as a community college and was part of the Regional Colleges Administration until 1998. During this year the UPRB became an autonomous campus for the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) System. Located at the northeastern part of Puerto Rico in an area of rapid industrial and economic development, it is oriented to fulfill the growing academic needs of such a community. The UPRB mostly serves students from the municipalities of Bayamón, Guaynabo, San Juan, Cataño, Dorado, Comerío, Naranjito, Toa Alta, Corozal, Toa Baja, and Vega Alta. The UPRB is an institution of higher education whose mission is to facilitate significant, continuous and long-lasting learning with the ultimate goal of having students become responsible citizens who will help transform their world with a heightened sense of ethics, esthetics and actions that will contribute to change. To achieve this, the Institution should advocate the establishment of support systems for learning, research and collaboration with the Puerto Rican society. The Institution offers its undergraduates academic programs in the content areas of technology [BS Computer Science, BS Electronic Engineering Technology, BA Materials Management, AD Civil Engineering Technology; Land Surveying and Highway Construction, AD Civil Engineering Technology in Construction, AD Instrumentation Technology, and AD Electronics (in moratorium)]; business [BBA Accounting, BBA Marketing, BBA Management, BBA Finance, BOS Office Systems]; science [BS Human Biology, and BS General Biology]; and education [BA in Special and Elementary Physical Education and BA in Preschool and Elementary Education] content areas. The UPRB also offers academic coordinated transfer programs in several of the aforementioned disciplines, as well as in the liberal arts areas.