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    • Aspergillosis in the Fruit Fly Drosophila melanogaster as a Model System 

      Ramírez-Camejo, Luis Alberto; Bayman, Paul (Consejero)
      Aspergilloses are diseases caused by fungi of the genus Aspergillus, which affect humans and a broad spectrum of other animals. Aspergillus flavus is one of the most important pathogenic fungi, responsible for about 30% ...
    • Aspergillus flavus: genetic variation, patterns of distribution and substrate specificity 

      Ramírez-Camejo, Luis Alberto; Zuluaga-Montero, A; Lázaro-Escudero, MT; Hernández-Kendall, V; Bayman-Gupta, P (External Scientific Advisory Committe (ESAC), 2009-11)
      Aspergillus flavusis an opportunistic pathogen of humans, animals and plants, characterized by aflatoxin production and tolerance to salinity and high temperature. Recently we have found that A. flavusis common in sea fans ...