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    • A preliminary phylogeny of Caribbean Tabebuia based on the nrDNA ITS region 

      Martínez, Nirzka; Santiago, Eugenio; Salazar, Jackeline (External Scientific Advisory Committe (ESAC), 2009-11)
      Tabebuia Gomes ex DC. (Bignoniaceae) is an extremely diverse Neotropical genus of woody species with great economical value and wide distribution from Mexico to Argentina. Although ca 108 taxa have been described (Gentry, ...
    • Phylogeography and Conservation Genetics of Tabebuia heterophylla (DC.) Britton (Bignoniaceae) 

      Martínez, Nirzka; Rauscher, Jason T.; Santiago, Victor; Ortiz Ruiz, Yadira; Rodriguez, Dania; Santiago, Eugenio (External Scientific Advisory Committe (ESAC), 2009-11)
      Tabebuia heterophylla (DC.) Britton (Bignoniaceae) is a charismatic neotropical tree species known for its attractive flower sand economically valuable wood. The species is considered to have an extremely wide distribution ...