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    • New Records of Marine Fishes from the Puerto Rican Plateau 

      Dennis, George D.; Hensley, Dannie A.; Collin, Patrick L.; Kimmel, Joseph J. (Carribean Journal of Science, Vol. 40, No. 1, 70-87, 2004, 2004-04)
      Forty-six new records of marine fishes to the Puerto Rican Plateau are reported here with notes on their habitat and life history. The lack of previous reports of many of these species is due to three main reasons: poorly ...
    • Shore Fishes from Islands of the Mona Passage, Greater Antilles with Comments on Their Zoogeography 

      Dennis, George D.; Smith-Vaniz, William F.; Colin, Patrick L.; Hensley, Dannie A.; M. Angela, Mcgehee (Caribbean Journal of Science, Vol. 41, No. 4, 716-743, 2005, 1995-12)
      The geology, physical conditions, size, and position within the Caribbean may all play a role in shaping the fauna of islands in the Mona Passage. This paper describes the ichthyofauna of Mona, Monito,and Desecheo by ...